How Can Exercising Only 7 minutes per day 3 times per week Really Get You in The Best Shape of Your Life?

The answer is Positive Momentary Muscular Failure!  Much like a stick of dynamite, you only need to “ignite” your muscle to failure once and it responds.  Exercise provides the stimulus it is the rest and recuperation in between the exercise that provides the benefit.  Most people “overtrain” their muscles and never give them the chance to improve.

How does this help me to achieve Permanent Weight Loss?

Unlike “fad” diets, you are taught proper nutrition to fuel your body to improve your lean muscle mass.  Muscle is an active tissue requiring energy and burning calories even at rest.  The more lean muscle you have, the more calories you burn, the higher your metabolism becomes.  Changing your body composition achieves the permanent weight loss as you increase lean muscle mass and decrease body fat.  With most “fad” diets the opposite happens.  You lose more water and muscle therefore lowering your metabolism.  Once you return to your “regular” eating habits, the weight quickly returns and more because your body actually requires LESS calories.  With 7 minute workout say good bye to Yo-Yo dieting!

I usually Start A Diet Program and Quit, How Can I Stick To This Program and Stay Motivated?

7 minute workout has an entire social community inside the members area. Share your experiences, ideas, and stories to become inspired.  You can post blogs, videos and pictures.  There are forums where questions and ideas are shared and answered.   Join in the LIVE webcasts for Live Support and General Questions, Understanding Fitness and Nutrition, and Motivation and Mentoring.  You will learn to LOVE and enjoy exercise with 7 minute workout and will quickly see and feel results.

How Do I Join?

Click the link below to be brought to page to enter your email address.  You will then get FREE educational videos sent to your inbox teaching why you hate exercise and how 7 minute workout can get you in the best shape of your life!  JOIN NOW to take part in this program and opportunity that will explode in the online fitness industry!  Learn to have a Fit Body and Fat Wallet!

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